(Another) Story of Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock's career is impressive, to say the least. Spanning nearly 6 decades, Hancock's career is not only prolific, it is boundary-pushing, progressive, eclectic, and nearly unparalleled.

Herbie Hancock is undoubtedly one of the most influential and innovative musicians in the history of jazz and contemporary music. His remarkable career has spanned over six decades, encompassing a vast array of musical styles and groundbreaking experiments. “The Story of Herbie Hancock Box Set” is a comprehensive anthology that offers fans and newcomers alike an opportunity to dive deep into the world of this musical genius.

This meticulously curated box set consists of a collection of albums, each representing a distinct phase of Herbie Hancock’s artistic evolution. From his early days as a sideman with legends like Miles Davis to his groundbreaking experiments with electronic jazz and fusion, this box set is a journey through the evolution of modern jazz and beyond.

One of the standout features of this box set is the remastering of the albums. The audio quality is simply stunning, and it breathes new life into these timeless recordings. Whether you’re listening on vinyl or digitally, the clarity and depth of the music are nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a testament to the dedication and care that went into producing this set, ensuring that Herbie Hancock’s music is preserved and appreciated in all its glory.

The chronological arrangement of the albums in the box set allows listeners to trace Herbie Hancock’s artistic development. It begins with his early work on albums like “Takin’ Off,” where you can hear the young pianist’s virtuosity and flair. As you progress through the set, you witness the transformation of Herbie Hancock’s sound, from his groundbreaking fusion experiments with albums like “Head Hunters” to his explorations of electronic music in “Future Shock” and “Sound-System.” Each album is like a chapter in a musical autobiography, offering a unique perspective on his evolution as an artist.

The accompanying booklet is a treasure trove of information for both die-hard fans and those new to Herbie Hancock’s music. It provides valuable insights into the making of each album, the musicians who contributed, and the cultural context of the time. It’s a fascinating journey through the history of jazz and contemporary music, seen through the lens of one of its greatest innovators.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this box set is the inclusion of rare and previously unreleased tracks. These hidden gems offer a fresh perspective on Herbie Hancock’s creative process and add an extra layer of excitement for longtime fans. It’s a testament to the exhaustive research and curation that went into assembling this collection.

Herbie Hancock’s ability to collaborate with a diverse range of musicians is another highlight of this box set. From the jazz legends like Miles Davis and Wayne Shorter to rock and funk icons like Paul Simon and Stevie Wonder, Herbie’s versatility and adaptability shine through in every collaboration. It’s a testament to his ability to transcend genres and create music that resonates with audiences across the musical spectrum.

The career-spanning playlist found below was expertly curated as a companion, not only to this box set but also includes a number of tracks Hancock was featured in on other artists’ albums. Some of the incredible artists Hancock recorded with, which are included in this playlist, are Miles Davis, Norman Connors, Ron Carter, Stevie Wonder, Terrance Martin, and Robert Glasper. Samples of Hancock’s “Chameleon” and “Cantaloupe Island” appear in tracks by US3 and 2Pac.

(Another) Story of Herbie Hancock: A Career-Spanning Playlist

The Story of Herbie Hancock Reissue is out now via Vinyl Me, Please.