Devil Kids – Deerhoof – Listen to the Entire Vinyl Release

Devil Kids Deerhoof Album and Vinyl Recording Entire Album
Listen to the whole album which was recorded live in Ed Rodriguez's basement

By the time Deerhoof had planned to live stream their “private engagement live set in Ed’s basement”, they had been in separate isolation from each other since the beginning of the pandemic which was a whole 2 years earlier. This LP release contains a dozen of the original 18-song reunion set. Also available are video clips of behind-the-scenes footage of the reunion, including learning their songs again together (a few that they had written and recorded separately and were playing IRL together for the first time!).

The joy and giddiness that is heard amongst Satomi, Greg, John and Ed at the beginning of the set and throughout reveals a deep level of interconnection between members of a band that credit all song writing to “Deerhoof” rather than any specific band members. This is of course not just a superficial gesture. Deerhoof’s core processes of creation are based on group ownership. Their songs routinely contain mini “movements” that sound like they came from a different brain than the other parts because they usually have. Any creative vision that could be strictly enforced takes a backseat in favor of the higher priority of collectivism. No single member of the group controls this creative vision, yet paradoxically every member has space to fully stretch out as an individual. This unique relationship amongst band members has only been (occasionally) seen in legendary jazz ensembles.

Devil Kids – Deerhoof – Full Album – Side A

Digitally Captured from Vinyl at 48K Sample Rate

A1 Scarcity Is Manufactured : 00:00

A2 Wrong Time Capsule : 3:43

A3 The Perfect Me : 7:15

A4 L’Amour Stories : 10:02

A5 Plant Thief : 12:58

A6 Black Pitch : 16:22

Devil Kids – Deerhoof – Full Album – Side B

Digitally Captured from Vinyl at 48K Sample Rate

B7 My Purple Past : 00:00

B8 Giga Dance : 4:13

B9 Damaged Eyes Squinting Into The Beautiful Overhot Sun : 7:41

B10 No One Asked To Dance : 12:30

B11 Debut : 14:48

B12 This Magnificent Bird Will Rise : 17:34