Live DJ Set: Boom Bap, Conscious Rap, Underground Hip Hop, mostly 90s – 2000s 12″ Vinyl

SleepyJack Vinyl Series
The first of several Boom Bap, Conscious Rap, Underground, Gangsta 12" vinyl sets.

As part of SleepyJack’s All-Vinyl DJ Series, Jacob comes back with one of several upcoming underground hip-hop sets. Jacob currently resides in Phoenix Arizona where the dry weather and huge population has created a unique hotbed of vinyl record collecting and crate digging.

Lately Jacob has stumbled upon a treasure trove of rare 12″ Boom Bap, Underground, Conscious Hip Hop and Rap vinyl which he will be showcasing in a number of YouTube sets. Enjoy!

Direct links to any track in the set:

00:00 Go For Mine – Mad Child, Buc Fifty, and Cut Father

00:30 RPM – Swollen Members

02:17 Man Behind the Music – Queen Pen

04:11 Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – KRS-ONE

06:58 Wild Side – Children of Da Ghetto

09:38 The Hot Joint – All City

11:32 Outta My Way Baby – Prime Minister Pete Nice and Daddy Rich

13:44 Response/Respect – The Roots

16:06 Shed a Tear – EDO G and Pete Rock

18:27 The Grind – Pep Love (Hieroglyphics)

20:45 Top of the Stairs (Top Dub Mix) – Skee-Lo

22:35 Hip Hop – Dead Prez

25:17 Masters – Kyprios

27:25 Afro Puffs – Lady of Rage

29:28 Ready on the Set – The Backyard Rangers

31:35 Make Some Noise – Double X

34:35 Hennesy Part II – Lords of the Underground Ft. Sah B

36:52 Mad Brothas Know His Name – Intelligent Hoodlum

38:13 Bomb Threat – Deadly Venom

40:36 Mind, Body, and Soul – Money Boss Players

42:30 Low, Low – Jim Crow

44:21 Whodafukareyou – C-Rayz Walz

45:47 Cheapskate (You Ain’t Gettin’ Nada) – Sporty Thievz

47:40 GIG (Get it Going) – The ’06 Style

49:19 Rapper’s Delight – The Sugarhill Gang

51:17 Bragging and Boasting – Jungle Brothers

53:31 Do it Again – Smooth Ice

55:15 Dial a Jam – Coolio and the 40 Thevz

57:10 Who is a Thug – Big Punisher

59:10 More Rhymin’ – MF DOOM

1:00:38 The Illest – TEK

1:01:40 Left Field – Mad Child and Del the Funky Homosapien

1:03:10 Say Goodbye – Sleep and Zelly Rock

1:05:25 Go For Mine- Mad Child, Buc Fifty, and Cut Father