Relaxing Mix on my MPK, take 1

Meditative jam with Ravi Shankar and Funky Rob samples by honeybear.

I loaded up an Ableton session with some loopers, samples and synths for your relaxation enjoyment.

Info on Samples

“Raga Rageshri – Part 1 (Alap)” by Ravi Shankar

From Ravi Shankar Improvisations (Angel Records, 1962)


“Forgive Us All” by Rob

From Funky Rob Way (Essiebons 1977)

…and yes, I stuffed a 3/4 song (“Forgive Us All”) into this 4/4 mix by chopping it up, sorry if you were trying to meditate during that part. I am a little obsessed with 3/4-4/4 interplay.