Tropicália, Psyche, Soul, Funk Mix

SleepyJack Vinyl Series
Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé, Os Mutantes, Os Brazões, Beck, CAN, Madlib, The Doors, and more.
An all-vinyl DJ set brought to you by Jacob here at sleepyjack. Tropicália artists Caetano Veloso, Tom Zé and Os Mutantes, and others influenced by the late-1960s movement and beyond.

Probably my favorite of all Jacob’s mixes at the time of writing this, this mix’s first 15 minutes are dedicated to Tropicália and a few notable artists heavily influenced by the movement.

From there we leap to Cambodia to hear the psychedelic sounds of Dengue Fever. If you haven’t yet, check out the documentary about them. Jacob spins more along similar veins from his private collection, see below track info.

Time-indexed list of tracks:

Madlib—Fortaleza 00:00 —Tom Ze—Dor e Dor 00:30 Tom Ze—-Jimmy, Renda-Se 01:09 Madlib—Fortaleza 01:59 Jorge Ben—Take It Easy, My Brother Charles 02:25 Beck—Tropicalia 04:03 Cilibrinas do Éden—Festival Divino 06:03 Caetano Veloso —You Don’t Know Me 07:50 Lena Rios—Eu Sou Eu, Nicuri E O Diabo 10:30 Os mutantes—Baby 12:02 Os Brazoes—Pega O Voga Cabeludo 13:15 Dengue Fever—-One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula 15:48 Trees Speak—Glass 17:22 Can—-Moonshake 18:59 Kraftwerk—-Ruckzuck 21:09 The Doors—Soft Parade (opening Preacher) 23:22 Kraftwerk—-Ruckzuck 24:00 Pj Harvey—Down By The Water 24:51 The Doors—Soft Parade 26:20 Captain BeefHeart—Sure ‘Nuff ‘N Yes I Do 27:40 The Doors—Soft Parade (call back to Preacher) 28:56 Pixies—Caribou 29:20 REM—Bang and Blame 31:32 Deerhunter—Plains 34:32 Sault—Tip Toe 36:30 The Walkmen—The Blue Route 39:20 Juana Molina—In The Lassa 41:50 Beck—Sunday Sun 43:48 Pink Floyd—Power R. Toc H. 45:51 The Kinks—Nothing In The World Can Stop Me Worryin’ “Bout That Girl 47:32 The Seeds–Mr. Farmer 49:52 Dr. John–Danse Fambeaex 52:30 Contact Field Orchestra — Into the Mine 55:40 Madlib–Curitiba 56:56